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Pre-Wedding Shoot-Devizes

Chris & Aimee – Bluebell Walk

I recently covered Chris & Aimee’s pre-wedding shoot in Devizes. I wanted to take the couple to a place that was special to them, so we ended up on the Bluebell walk. When I asked them what made them choose this location, they told me that this was the place they like to take their two gorgeous Chiwawa’s. The walk wasn’t too taxing and we managed to get some great photos of them both and the dogs! Chris and Aimee are a lovely couple and I look forward to covering their wedding in October.

Aimee & Chris PWS-1

Aimee & Chris PWS-5Aimee & Chris PWS-28Aimee & Chris PWS-30Aimee & Chris PWS-50Aimee & Chris PWS-69Aimee & Chris PWS-78Aimee & Chris PWS-124Aimee & Chris PWS-133Aimee & Chris PWS-144Aimee & Chris PWS-153Aimee & Chris PWS-156Aimee & Chris PWS-160Aimee & Chris PWS-169Aimee & Chris PWS-179Aimee & Chris PWS-183Aimee & Chris PWS-201Aimee & Chris PWS-215Aimee & Chris PWS-227Aimee & Chris PWS-251Aimee & Chris PWS-308Aimee & Chris PWS-320Aimee & Chris PWS-324Aimee & Chris PWS-330Aimee & Chris PWS-345Aimee & Chris PWS-353Aimee & Chris PWS-374Aimee & Chris PWS-375Aimee & Chris PWS-381Aimee & Chris PWS-378Pre-Wedding

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