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You’re about to have a photographer, follow you around for a few hours and take pictures of you and your partner.

You might be feeling a little nervous, but don’t worry—we’ve got your back.

Here are a few tips we recommend to get you ready for your engagement shoot.


Somerset Engagement Photographer

1. Schedule your engagement shoot for a time that’s convenient for both of you (and not right after work). If possible, pick a day off so that you can relax, put on something nice, and not worry about getting back home quickly.

2. Dress comfortably but nicely—you want to look like someone who would be happy to be photographed, but you also want to feel good in what you’re wearing.

3. Make sure there are no distractions in the background of any shots—pets or kids running around will just distract from the magic of your love story!

4. Bring props! This is a great way for us to get creative with the photos and make sure they tell the right story about who you are as people (and as a couple). Some favourites include flowers, books (or other things that represent your hobbies), etc.

5. If you want to do a photoshoot with your dog(s), that’s great! We love dogs. But best to only bring them if they’re well-behaved and won’t run away from you during the shoot! We need to make the most of the time we have.

6. Take breaks if you need them—it’s important to stay hydrated, especially on hot days!

7. Don’t forget to smile, laugh and have fun during the shoot!

8. Be patient, especially if it’s your first time working with a professional photographer—we will work together to get the best results possible.

9. During the shoot, feel free to tell us what you like about each photo as we go along so that we can make sure we’re capturing exactly what you want from each shot (this will also help build trust between us).

10. It’s great if we can arrange a video call beforehand so that we can get an idea of how you look before meeting up on the day. Having arranged this with many couples, they tell me it helps to relax them before their shoot too!


Engagement sessions are a great opportunity to work with your wedding photographer before the big day. Think of your engagement session as part of the wedding rehearsal. By having an engagement shoot, you will feel more relaxed on the day, resulting in some beautiful, natural photographs.


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Somerset Engagement Shoot – Chloe & Conor

Somerset Engagement Shoot – Chloe & Conor

Somerset Engagement Shoot Location Greyfield Woods, High Littleton - north-east Somerset. It was a beautiful day for Chloe and Conor's Somerset engagement shoot. They decided to have their shoot at Greyfield Woods - a woodland trust wood, close to the bride's home....

Somerset Engagement Photographer